Welcome to St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

We invite you to make this congregation your spiritual home. We trust that you will find joy and blessings in your Christian faith here. We are committed to serving you and involving you in as much of the life of this church community as you desire. Our primary goal for our life together is that we each grow in Christian maturity. We are eager to introduce you to new people and provide you with the resources and opportunities of this parish. We offer you this Christian house: A place of personal nurturing in the knowledge, love, service, worship, and enjoyment of God.

All baptized persons are welcome to receive Holy Communion in the Episcopal Church. At St. Anne’s the custom is to walk up the center steps to the sanctuary rail, stand or kneel to receive Holy Communion (or a blessing, if you do not wish Communion), and return to your pew by way of the side steps. Ushers will be available for anyone desiring assistance coming down the steps. If you are unable to negotiate the steps and wish to receive Holy Communion, please inform one of the ushers and the celebrant will bring Communion to you in your pew. If you prefer, you may come to the foot of the steps and Holy Communion will be brought to you there.

All those involved in the life of this parish are encouraged to worship regularly, share their time and talents in ministry and mission, participate in fellowship activities, and pledge their financial support.