Ministries and Activities

The mission of St. Anne’s Church is to provide an environment for seeking God’s Truth, embracing and celebrating God’s empowering love, and sharing our gifts with others. We invite everyone to participate and become involved in the many activities and ministries of St. Anne’s. We are all “ministers” and are encouraged to use our individual gifts, talents and abilities in ministry within and beyond the parish. This effort reflects an important part of our stewardship.

The ministries and activities, described briefly, are listed by functional area. We are a worshipping body of people united under Christ and committed to passing on the living tradition of the Church, sharing the Good News, offering compassionate support for those in need, and providing opportunities for fellowship. To accomplish this, groups and individuals are involved in a variety of activities in support of worship services and other activities.

Acolytes/Servers – This ministry is open to all members of the congregation. They assist the clergy at services on Sunday mornings and at other times (weddings and funerals). Frequency of service depends on the number of young people participating.

Altar Guild – The ministry of the Altar Guild is indispensable to our worship. They are the people who set up the altar and oblations table, change the altar paraments with the changing seasons, clean the vessels for Holy Communion, wash and iron the linens, and generally see that everything is ready Sunday morning. The Altar Guild uses several teams who work during particular months.

Flower Guild – This ministry provides for those who love to use flowers to glorify God through His own Creation. Members prepare altar flowers for Sunday services, as well as special arrangements for Festival Holy Days.

Lectors, Licensed Lay Readers, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers – This opportunity is afforded to adult men and women to minister at worship services. Lectors and Licensed Lay Readers read lessons and lead the Psalm and Canticles, etc. Lay Eucharistic Ministers may also read lessons, lead intercessions during the liturgy, and assist the clergy in delivering the consecrated wine during the Eucharist. Lay Eucharistic also take consecrated bread and wine to the sick and shut-ins as an extension of the Sunday worship service.

Music Ministry – The adult choir rehearses every week after the Sunday service. Instrumentalists are occasionally incorporated for special services and programs.

Ushers/Greeters – Ushers conduct seating arrangements, distribute the service bulletins, collect the offering, bring forward the oblations, and address other details during the service. This necessary ministry welcomes all to the church and introduces them to the clergy and the congregation.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) – All women of the Church are, by definition, ECW. ECW meets every month except during the summer months, usually on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The meetings begin with a potluck supper and prayer. Activities include the Applefest Café, Christmas Cookie and Craft Fair, and assorted teas and dinners. The ECW contributes to Santa’s Helpers, Christmas Care Packages to families in the community, Krazy Calendar, and sends greeting cards to the Atlantic Rehab Clients. Every month members of the ECW visit and or send cards to our church’s shut-ins, usually bringing a little gift from ECW. They also contribute to the general operating fund of the parish and make donations to the building fund projects.

United Thank Offering – The United Thank Offering (UTO) is a program of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church, founded by and administered by women ever since 1889. A great stress reliever and way to help beat depression is to determine five ideas for which we can give thanks. Five ideas—that doesn’t sound too difficult for most of us. If forty parish families (not individuals but families) were to give a penny to UTO for each of those five ideas for which they were truly thankful, we could raise $360.00. For every six months to help those in need, five cents per day from forty families would buy many necessities for those not as blessed as we are. Please consider picking up a blue box or envelope from the UTO coordinator and begin being thankful now in preparation for the next ingathering. Another way to support the UTO is by coming forward on Sunday when the celebrant brings out the UTO box during worship and donating a dollar or some change while sharing your thanks. You will receive a blessing.

Outreach – In our vision statement we committed to reaching out to the community through The Laura Burns Fund to DownEast Hospice and Community Health and Counseling. We also hope to follow the example of Jesus who did not just give to people, but also sat and ate and visited with them. St. Anne’s volunteers serve at the Ecumenical Food Pantry the third Thursday of each month, bagging groceries and checking the files from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon. Downeast Hospice volunteers receive training to visit people who are terminally ill and their families to offer comfort and practical help.

Other Outreach Ministries include AA meetings every Wednesday at Noon, Veteran’s Counseling on the second Thursday and Friday of each month, Veteran’s Group Meetings held the first Thursday of the month (the VFW) and the third Monday of the month (the American Legion).

Newsletter – Our newsletter, THE ANNALS, is a fine publication whose intent is to keep our members informed of the activities of the parish. If you feel called to the ministry of communication and would like to write occasional articles, book reviews, or reports for THE ANNALS or would like to be on call to put the finished newsletter together for distribution, please let the Parish Administrator know.

Public Relations – There are many times when our activities could gain wider recognition by taking advantage of the local newspapers, television and radio. Most of these businesses publicize church events for little or no charge. Members contribute to this ministry by writing copy to alert the community when we are providing an activity for the community.

St. Anne’s DownEast Hospice Mission – The mission of St. Anne’s to Hospice is to provide volunteers who are interested in taking the training provided by Hospice to assist terminally ill persons and their families. This mission also includes bereavement support to the survivors of sudden and unexpected deaths. St. Anne’s donates approximately $3000.00 a year from the Laura Burns Fund in support of the volunteer home services provided by Hospice personnel. The exact amount provided each year is based on the percentage of the interest earned by the Laura Burns Fund. Members of St. Anne’s Parish attend Hospice training and provide hands-on support for the Hospice clients. Annual training classes are available for any parishioner who desires to become involved in this mission. Members of St. Anne’s also serve on the Hospice Board of Directors and Crisis Management Teams.

Irene Chadbourne Ecumenical Food Pantry – The responsibilities of St. Anne’s Food Pantry Mission includes: Providing a team to work at the Food Pantry on the third Thursday of each month, collecting food for use at the pantry, soliciting donations of money though whatever means available, encouraging the continued financial support by St. Anne’s Vestry, and by attending the board of directors’ meetings when requested to do so.

 Applefest, a church-wide activity each September, has become a major fall fund-raiser that engages many parishioners of all ages in a great number of activities. It offers many opportunities for good fellowship, as well as a clear and immediate example of how such activities contribute directly to the well-being of the parish and of the church. It has become an annual event for the entire Calais community.

Farmers’ Market – In 2007 we added membership in the city’s Farmers’ Market as a fund-raiser. Patsy Beckett originated and organized the idea. It continues to provide a significant amount of funds thanks to all the faithful sales persons and the bakers/cooks who prepare delicious treats for sale each Tuesday throughout the summer from June through August.

Other fund-raising includes parish suppers that are sponsored, prepared, and served by the various church guilds and groups; and participation in the International Festival activities of Calais.

Scrip Program – In the fall of 2009 the Scrip Program was started at St. Anne’s. Scrip results in “free money” for the church. That’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. The congregation has raised more than $6,300.00 to date. St. Anne’s sells/buys gift cards that have been purchased at a discount from over 400 stores nationwide. We receive the face value of the gift card and St. Anne’s receives the discount–ranging from 1.5% to 25%. Parishioners are urged to use this program for gift-giving, as well as their daily purchases from Wal-Mart, Circle K, Shell, Gulf, Ace Hardware, and many other stores in Bangor. There is a “Scrip Bulletin Board” in the Parish Hall to help familiarize and update members concerning this fund-raiser.

Children’s Programs – Throughout the year we include opportunities to add special activities to the Children’s Program: Feast of St. Nicholas, Christmas Lessons and Carols, Pageant, Twelfth Night Party, Feast of the Epiphany, St. Valentine’s Day, Palm Saturday, Great Easter Vigil and The Easter Egg Hunt. Everyone can add his talents to this ministry with a short-term commitment.