United Thank Offering

United Thank Offering – The United Thank Offering (UTO) is a program of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church, founded by and administered by women ever since 1889. A great stress reliever and way to help beat depression is to determine five ideas for which we can give thanks. Five ideas—that doesn’t sound too difficult for most of us. If forty parish families (not individuals but families) were to give a penny to UTO for each of those five ideas for which they were truly thankful, we could raise $360.00. For every six months to help those in need, five cents per day from forty families would buy many necessities for those not as blessed as we are. Please consider picking up a blue box or envelope from the UTO coordinator and begin being thankful now in preparation for the next ingathering. Another way to support the UTO is by coming forward on Sunday when the celebrant brings out the UTO box during worship and donating a dollar or some change while sharing your thanks. You will receive a blessing.